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Architect: [áarkə tèkt]

a person licensed in the art of planning, designing  and overseeing the construction of buildings.
In order to be responsible architects we need to understand how the components of a building come together to create the whole. We think one of the best ways to supplement our education is through hands-on learning, so we’ve eagerly undertaken some construction projects of our own. From adding a second story to our century home to building our cottage in northern Wisconsin, we’ve attempted concrete, framing, siding, roofing, window installation, insulation, drywall, finish carpentry, painting, flooring, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work.

While we won’t be giving up our day job, these experiences have helped us understand construction in a way we couldn’t from sitting at our desks, as well as deepening our respect for talented contractors and trades-people who are the experts at what they do. When we are drafting working drawings we’re  thinking, “how will this be built?” at every step of the process.

Equally as important as the planning, we are dedicated to designing great architecture for the end user. Our design philosophy focuses on collaboration and options.

When we work with clients we listen to what they tell us they need and want. Our job is not necessarily to design exactly what they suggest, but rather to investigate all the possibilities and present options for consideration that will give the results they’re looking for in the most efficient and economical way. Many times we’ve heard, “I never thought of doing it that way.”; then we know we’ve done our job.

Each client will interact directly with a principal of the firm throughout the process. While this cooperation is essential and obvious, there is also unseen collaboration between Brian and Andrea on each project. Andrea approaches a design challenge as if it’s a puzzle and all the pieces need to be put in their proper places. Brian’s method is theoretical, creating aesthetics to reflect the parti or concept.  Together these distinct perspectives create stronger, more comprehensive solutions for our clients.
Andrea and Brian Korte,
Principals at Korte Architecture.
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