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Search Inc. Learning Center:  Mt. Prospect, IL

Search Inc., a not for profit adult education organization, needed a new facility to accommodate growing enrollment and demand for their services. The 37,000 square foot existing building was renovated to incorporate teaching pods, classrooms, a training kitchen, a new entry, gallery space, and a performing arts area.
An “Outdoor Market” aesthetic is incorporated into the design, simulating a real world environment that is familiar and comfortable for the consumers, and can be used as a teaching platform. Teaching pods and classrooms look like individual buildings along corridors designed to feel like outdoor streets. Consumers come to this environment ready to do their work for the day.
The “Gallery” includes art rooms, the performing arts area - used for  consumer performances, staff meetings, parties, and public gatherings, and curving walls where consumer created artwork, lit by moveable low voltage fixtures, will be displayed.
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