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Yes, we do not charge for an initial consultation to discuss the details of your project.  This initial meeting gives us the chance to meet you and find out more regarding the scope of work necessary for your project.
From this initial meeting we can provide you with a detailed proposal that shows the services we will provide and the associated fee that we charge.
As each client is unique, each project has it’s own special requirements and we tailor our services and fees to meet your needs.
Schematic Design Drawings:
Schematic Design is essentially drawing and designing the floor plans and elevations (outside views) of the house or building without all the technical information required for construction or permitting. One of the benefits of hiring an architect is leveraging the experience they have to get what you want for less construction dollars. We are always thinking of options and alternate ideas and often our clients exclaim “We never thought of doing it that way”. It is important that we explore ideas in Schematic Design, as it is easy to make changes to the drawings at this level of detail. The drawings are also useful for obtaining construction estimates.  Additionally, we can provide 3D computer modeling to show the design of the building.  Clients find this very beneficial in understanding and visualizing the design.  3-D renderings are also useful for marketing the project to prospective clients and convincing municipal appearance review committees.
Preliminary Design Services:
Once hired to be your architect, we begin the research and documentation phase called Preliminary Design. This phase involves researching the zoning and local building department requirements to ascertain all the restrictions associated with the project.  In the case of an Addition or Renovation project we will measure and photograph the existing house or building so that we can draw the existing conditions on the computer.  We use this as a base in the next phase of services.
Construction Drawings:
Construction drawings begin once the schematic design has been finalized.  The construction drawings, sometimes referred to as blue prints, are the drawings that contain all the technical information necessary to construct the building.  The drawings include floor plans, elevations, details, notes, schedules, building sections and wall sections and are essentially the instructions to the contractors on how to build the building and what kind of materials to use.  Additionally, the construction drawing package will contain the engineering drawings such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Plumbing Engineering, Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering.
The local building authority reviews the construction drawings as the basis for issuing a permit.